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SPC Flooring and VCT Flooring

SPC Flooring and VCT Flooring

SPC Flooring and VCT Flooring

Ever wondered what's the difference between SPC and VCT Flooring?

SPC - Stone Plastic Composite and VCT - Vinyl Composition Tile are different types of flooring that are commonly used. With varying opinions around, let's clearly understand the difference between SPC and VCT flooring.


Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) flooring is currently gaining popularity in both commercial and domestic uses because of its mind-blowing characteristics. SPC comes in several styles and colors.

SPC Flooring is designed to identically replicate traditional flooring materials such as stone, wood, or ceramic. It is chosen by many because it provides a non-slippery surface and is good at scratch resistance.

Benefits of choosing SPC Flooring

Water Resistant

SPC is one of the best flooring materials as it is water resistant. Due to the presence of rigid core layers, SPC can withstand liquids, unlike many other flooring materials.

Easy to Install

When compared to many other flooring materials, SPC is comparatively much easier to install. The installation costs for SPC are low and also it consumes less time for installation.


SPC is composed of strong materials and therefore they last longer. They cannot be easily scratched or ruined with moisture and hence SPC is more durable.


SPC is made of strong core layers and therefore it is much easier to maintain the floor. Also since it is water-resistant, just mopping is more than enough to clean.


Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) consists of more levels of calcium silicate when compared to SPC. It is now commonly used in settings like hospitals, warehouses, factories, and so on because of the versatility it provides. VCT mimics the common flooring materials such as ceramic tiles, terrazzo, natural stones and wood.

It is used for both commercial and industrial uses as many people prefer it as an alternative to conventional flooring materials. VCT is a functional flooring option that is worth considering.

Benefits of choosing VCT Flooring

Unique Designs

VCT provides a wide range of unique designs, colors, and patterns to choose from. This makes this type of flooring special when compared to other flooring materials.

Water Resistant

Exposure to moisture becomes a problem when it comes to many flooring types. But when it comes to VCT flooring, They can withstand both water and moisture to a greater extent.


With proper care and maintenance, VCT can be durable for a longer period.

Similarities between SPC and VCT Floorings
  • Water Resistant: Both SPC and VCT are water and moisture resistant.
  • Easy to clean: It is highly easy to clean both SPC and VCT when compared to many other flooring materials.
  • Less expensive : Both SPC and VCT are less expensive when compared to many other flooring materials.
Differences between SPC and VCT Floorings
  • Maintenance and care: VCT requires more care and maintenance when compared to SPC because VCT can be prone to scratches if not treated properly.
  • Type: SPC is heterogeneous as it is made of many layers, whereas VCT is homogenous which means they are single layered.
  • Underfoot Experience: SPC offers more underfoot support as they are a little more thicker and realistic. While VCT is more smoother and comfortable.
  • Reusability: Installed SPC can be removed and reused upto certain extent whereas VCT cannot be reused because during the removal of existing VCT flooring, it breaks.
  • Thickness Level: SPC is thicker and stronger while VCT is thin and somewhat fragile while installing and removing.
  • Acoustic Property: SPC has better acoustic property when compared to VCT because it has underlay. VCT has less noise absorption.

With their own characteristics and benefits, both SPC and VCT are éxcellent flooring options for any fit-out.

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