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5 Types Of Stone To Consider For Your Fit Out

5 Types Of Stone To Consider For Your Fit Out

Stone: It’s nature’s hardest material that is packed with quality. When you build with stone, you know you’re getting an amazing material. Not only does it look appealing and feel smooth, but it generally can reduce stress in any room that you work in, making it a piece of decor that can serve more than one purpose. Stone is a great choice for floors, fireplaces, and even walls.

According to the best fit out companies Dubai has to offer, there are actually a number of different types of stone that you can use for your remodelling project. Here are all the types of stone for construction to consider:


Slate is one of the oldest known building materials. That’s because it’s extremely rugged and easy to deal with. Slate also happened to have a wide variety of unnatural colors to choose from, which can sound unheard of for stone. Colors such as red, green, purple, gold, if there’s a color of decor you want, but also want it in stone, slate has you covered. Floors are one of the best uses for slate, as it’s very stain and scratch-proof. You can also consider slate countertops for workplaces and kitchens, too.


Limestone is another great stone for building, and like a fine wine, it improves with age. Limestone has a sandy appearance to it that has more noticable textures on it when it gets older. Limestone is mostly ideal for outdoor use like landscaping, but you can also use it indoors for cosmetics and accents. The color pallette for limestone is usually natural and neutral colors: Gray, tan, bluish gray, light gray, cream, etc. Each stone is very evenly colored, as well.


Granite is a very popular choice for countertops because it’s very hard, but also very smooth. There are many color choices to choose from with many different swirls, veins, and other patterns. It’s a very appealing choice for stone and home and business owners can often take days choosing a certain granite. It also has a sheen to it that while not as shiny as marble, it will still look very appealing. Granite is also great for floors and fireplaces, so your options are not limited to only counters.


If you’re looking for a comfortable stone for flooring, you cannot go wrong with travertine. Travertine is also available in an assortment of natural colors, from warm, dark reds to cool, light blue, and all shades of brown and tan in between. If you have a space where a lot of waiting is involved, travertine will be a floor types that you’ll want to go with. This stone will actually feel warm and soft under one’s feet.


If you take the sandiness of limestone and the smoothness of travertine, you get flagstone. Flagstone is actually a composite or sedimentary rock, which means it was made from multiple types of stone. The end result is a flat, yet powdery stone that looks very appealing. It’s very durable, and there are various color options to pick from. Flagstone is most ideal for outdoor decks, floors, and pathways, as it can handle foot traffic nicely. This is a great stone to get if you want a cultural look to your space.


There are many types of stone that you can use for your fit out project. No matter if you are looking for smooth granite, textured limestone, or classic slate, you are guaranteed to be happy with your new space with the addition of stone.

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