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6 Reasons To Install A Porcelain Tile Commercial Floor

If you’re getting a new tile floor for your commercial building, there are very few flooring materials better than porcelain. When speaking with interior design companies in Dubai, you’d like one that is very seasoned with porcelain, as it’s a very customizable floor option to give areas like lobbies, hallways, and other public areas a unique look.

Here are six reasons to consider porcelain as your tile floor of choice for your remodel.

1.Infinite color choices.

Tile has various factors for just color on its own, and this includes the primary color, additional colors or shades, and grout color. Considering that porcelain can be made in nearly any color possibly, the options to consider are endless. Whether you want a floor of one color or many colors, patterns, grid lines, gradients, and other aesthetics are all virtually possible.

Of course, porcelain tile is a popular choice should you just want a timeless floor or one that evokes either an energizing or relaxing feeling. Like vinyl and laminate, porcelain tile can too be used to imitate natural floor materials like stone and wood. This type of tile is also great to incorporate your company or brand’s color scheme, which is often used by many companies as a reminder of what the brand represents.

2.Shiny, classy finish.

Porcelain is a good choice if you want a new floor that will look brand new for years to come. Porcelain is made from an enamel coating that is heated at extremely high temperatures, with the end result being a material that’s noticeably slick and shiny like a burnished wood floor.

Porcelain isn’t the glossiest flooring material there is, but how it reflects light on its own is very soft and charming while still attracting attention from visitors. Dark and medium-shade tiles make it easy to notice a sheen, whereas it will be subtle from light-colored tile.

3.Resilient to wear and tear.

Porcelain is one of the harder flooring materials to consider with a non-porous surface, a high density, and a feel like stone. This makes it a great option for if you want a durable floor that holds up well to daily foot traffic. Though it isn’t the softest material to walk on, it can be padded so that there is cushioning underneath for guests and employees.

4.Tough against blemishes and scratches.

One advantage that porcelain tile has over other materials like wood is that it’s very hard to scratch. Whether you may be worried about pets, equipment dropping, or regular wear and tear that could cause cracks or chips, porcelain is nearly indestructible to everyday objects.

5.Impressive heat resistance.

As mentioned before, porcelain has already been heated, and thus being hardened into a rock-like substance that won’t change due to heat. This is an important trait to have for a hot, humid country like UAE so that your floor doesn’t deteriorate from within due to constant heat exposure.

6.Super easy to clean.

The hard finish of porcelain tile makes it very easy to clean, as stains do not set in and instead rest on the surface. What’s more, tile can also be cleaned with chemical cleaning products. Feel free to use any cleaning agents as they will not ruin coloring or deteriorate the floor in any way.


Porcelain tile is a great choice for new commercial flooring with vast customization options, a sleek, sophisticated look, and very good performance and durability. These traits make it one of the most popular materials for office floors. Consider new flooring and other interior design elements to update your commercial areas.