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Difference between Commercial and Residential Interior Designing

Difference between Commercial and Residential Interior Designing

Difference between Commercial and Residential Interior Designing

Interior Designing is something that you may notice in every space, whether it is a commercial office or a home or any other infrastructure. There are many purposes served by interior designing. A well thought out interior design can help you increase productivity, convenience and comfort. Interior designing also reflects who you are, as a brand or a business, as an individual or a family. Interior designing is an effective way to make the physical spaces pleasant. Both commercial and residential spaces can have interior designing done, however, there are some differences between the commercial interior designing and residential interior designing.


Allocating space for various purposes is different for interior designs of a home and an office. For example, both the commercial and residential spaces can have kitchens, however the commercial kitchen design will be different from residential kitchen design. In an office, the kitchen is only for a few purposes such as making coffee and heating up ready food or such. Whereas, the kitchen at home needs to be equipped with all the machines, storage space and cooking processes. Considering such differences, space allocation for residential kitchen design would be more than a commercial kitchen design. In addition, the location of the kitchen also changes according to commercial interior design and residential interior design.

Color Scheme

A luxury office interior design in Dubai is bound to have a different color scheme compared to residential houses. Colors are not just visuals without purpose, colors make you feel certain ways, it can make you happy, calm you down, inspire you, make you feel energetic or cheerful. Depending on the room and its purpose you choose the color scheme. For home, you might choose the colors that help you relax and recharge, and make you feel calm after a long day at work. Whereas, for your office you will go for the colors that inspire you and make you feel excited to get to work.


Having a theme means creating a particular image. In commercial settings, your theme creates your brand image. Who you are as a company, what do you represent and stand for- can be reflected through your theme. There are various themes that you can go with according to your company’s field and/or motto. For your home, you can reflect your individual interests. For example, if you personally have an interest in the ocean and ships, you could adopt a nautical theme for your home. Themes are a part of interior designing which is different for commercial and residential spaces because it represents either a whole company or a single individual or a family. The purpose of the theme can also be different, for commercial spaces it could help the employees be inspired, whereas for home, it could be calming for the family members.


When you are employing interior designers, you will always have a fixed budget and some limitations, because of which you will need to prioritize certain aspects such as space for the meeting room or lighting in the bedroom and so on. For commercial spaces, increasing productivity, having enough space for employees, creating brand image etc will be your priorities.While designing your home, you will prioritize the comfort and convenience.

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