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Five Reasons to Choose a Carpet for Your New Commercial Office

When choosing new flooring for your offices, have you ever considered carpeting? With lots of potential for design and creativity, you can choose carpeting for your remodeled office to make it look like brand new. You might have other floor materials in mind for the office, or you might be unsure about keeping carpeting in the office if your current carpeting is rather old.

Carpeting offers you the most flexibility and creativity than any other type of floor in Dubai. As flooring is a vital part of any interior design, carpeting can allow you to use your floor space to your advantage by creating the look you want in your office environment.

Here are five reasons to choose or stay with a carpet when working with one of the best interior design companies in Dubai.

Carpet Has A Versatile Design

Carpet is one of the most versatile types of floors available. With carpeting, any colors and patterns can be made available to you, even if you want to design your very own custom shapes or patterns, it is possible with carpet. Many other types of floors such as hardwood or stone simply don’t have as much room for creativity as carpet, so if you prioritize in having a beautiful office, carpet will often be the choice to go with.

Carpeting Reduces Accidents

Hardwood, stone, and other hard floor materials comes with little to no friction. That means one wrong step and somebody will fall down. Carpet fibers, on the other hand are soft and supple, so with every step you take, you feel a sense of resistance that keeps you from sliding your feet. It also helps matters that carpet isn’t hard as wood, so with any possible fall that occurs in the office, it should be much safer than something like hardwood or vinyl.

Carpet Can Last A Long Time

A good carpet has a life expectancy between 10 to 30 years. This is a very long time to have carpet, but so long as your carpet is handled with care, you can keep it around longer than you would expect. It needs to constantly be cleaned, but so long as you hire a professional cleaning crew, you can keep it in top shape for a while.

Carpet Can Control Thermal Comfort

With carpeting, you can have a floor that feels warm when you walk on it, opposed to being cold with harder floor types. The fibers that make of the carpet are the reason for this, as the carpet acts as an insulator that captures heat and keeps cold air away. Carpeting can also help reduce your energy bills, and carpeting itself can make the office warmer by just a few degrees.

Carpet Can Reduce Noise

Hard flooring can reflect sound, amplifying noise that comes from another room, or another floor entirely. If your building or property has rooms that involve machinery or other loud equipment, you should consider installing carpets in order to suppress this noise. Thanks to the insulating properties of carpet fibers, the carpet will absorb the sound rather than have the sound bounce off of it.

Carpeting can simply make your office quieter, which is why many companies install carpet. Employees will end up being less distracted and will keep working due to your carpeting suppressing loud noise.