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How to set the right mood through lighting?

Just some lighting can change your mood!

Unbelievable right?

Yes! Let us see how lights play a major role in changing the mood.

Lights can attract the view of people. Whatever the paints are, the ambience are, or anything for that matter, lights can make them look and attract better. Lights can be beneficial in giving visual comfort.



Right Colors for the Mood:

Lights can create the magic of achieving the predetermined emotional responses. For example: Walls that have vibrant colors like yellow and orange can instantly boost the energy of people.

Setting the right mood is in the hands of the one who chooses the right colors. Colors should be carefully chosen for the fit outs as they play a major role in affecting the mood. 

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Lighting to Work:

Setting the right lighting is essential for work as there are many factors that are affected as a result. You have to make sure that you have the right lighting in your workspace as it results in eyesight issues. 

Bright lights are better to be placed in the working spaces because they can mimic the daylight.

Deciding the suitable lights is required because it affects productivity and will also enhance well-being.


Lighting for the Occasion:

Every light should be chosen carefully as they are required for different uses. 

In a work space when we use it for work, we would require the normal work lighting while when that particular space is under cleaning it would require more brighter lighting. Therefore, lights should be planned accordingly.

Healthy office lighting is so important as it affects the well being of the staff. Lights which you use should have the ability to adapt to the people’s working patterns and needs. Also, natural lighting should be focused as it has a number of health benefits and would also give an improved productivity.

Based on the need, lights are to be used and hence lighting should be placed.



Attracting the Attention:

Lights can speak! Because, lights can indirectly tell you where to look. 

Lights can act as the language of letting you know which space has been highlighted to look at. Also, lights can attract more people to your fit out. 

It is scientifically proven that lights can help in getting an unconscious responsive mechanism which enables people to be attracted to the spaces. Therefore, when you want to highlight a particular area you can do it just by the right lighting. 

                                          “Lighting is the lifeblood of a design” - Gregory Kay


Creating the Right Ambience:

Each space in your fit out satisfies different needs. Hence, lighting should be planned in a way that it understands the exact requirements. Lighting has a psychological effect on productivity and creativity of people as it drives the mood.

Lighting decides what type of ambience it should make people perceive. Either it is natural lighting or artificial lighting, they have their own ways of making the space attractive. Lights play a vital role in creating and delivering the perfect ambience. 

Right lighting for the right ambience!




When we feel inspired by a space, we obviously feel happier and have a better mindset. A space with the right lighting and ambience makes your life easy!

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