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Three Types Of Glass To Consider For Your Commercial Office

In commercial office buildings, glass goes well with them in a classy and sophisticated manner. Not only can glass be appealing to look at, but it also provides workers with light that can shine through, in addition to giving those workers a sense of security. Glass can be used in many different ways inside an office building, whether it be for function, style, or even in some of the most creative ways imaginable.

Here are all kinds of glass that you could have for your office, courtesy of office interior design companies in Dubai.

1 - Plexiglass

Plexiglass is highly praised among businesses because there is no way that one could shatter it. Plexiglass is a common type of glass used for doors, windows, and even walls in a commercial building. Rather than split into fragments, this glass will either refuse to break or pop out of place in one piece, even if a great amount of impact, on accident or purpose, struck the glass. Plexiglass is clear and transparent, so it is perfectly see-through. Plexiglass can also stop bullets, and is most ideal for aquariums.

Plexiglass is not the showiest type of glass on the market, but it is one of the safest, and if you don’t really prioritize on how your office looks, you can get plexiglass the next time you remodel.

Plexiglass is an acrylic sheet used to replace glass to avoid risk of breakage.

2 - Tinted Glass

Many people don’t find glass to be all that interesting, mainly because of its clear and colorless nature. With tinted glass, however, you get a sheet of glass in a rich, vibrant color of your choosing. In order for the glass to get its tiny, a coloring ion is mixed to the glass. For instance, iron oxide is mixed with glass to give it a green color. Cobalt is mixed to get blue, and so on. If you have corporate colors that you want to use throughout your office, you can consider tinted glass for some appealing looking decor.

The appeal factor is not the only reason to consider tinted glass, however. Tinted glass can also help reduce the sun’s glare. If workers often get the sun in their eyes as they work, or there are too many bright lights or reflective surfaces in the office, tinted glass can greatly reduce this light.

3 - Frosted Glass

Frosted glass is another appealing glass option for not only cosmetic, but privacy purposes. Frosted glass simply has a frosted effect, making the other side of the sheet look blurry, rather than transparent and see-through.

Frosted glass is great for when your employees prefer privacy. With frosted glass, your employees won’t have to worry about anyone breathing down their necks when the glass windows and doors they work around are blurry and frosted. If you don’t like the feeling of being watched as you work, and your employees feel the same way, you can get frosted glass that will still allow light to pass through.

Frosted glass is also very appealing. The frosty nature of this glass can provide a great backdrop for corporate branding that you display throughout the office. When in front of frosted glass, your logo will always look great. Frosted glass for your corporate imagery make for great places to conduct commercial videos and photography in the office.


There are three great types of glass you can consider for the next time you remodel your office. Each one looks different, and they all serve different purposes. Consider these three glass types and many more to add to your office’s style and function when you remodel.