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Top 5 Tips to Design Your Office Space

Refurbishing an office space could be quite stressful, especially if you have no prior experience. It could be overwhelming for someone to design a stylish office space. Interior design companies in Dubai suggest that you make a plan first and then make a budget. How much space to use, which meeting room should be next to the cabin and whether a canteen should be big or small… all these are crucial answers but could get very confusing sometimes. Here are some tips for you to design your office space and improve the image of your company.

1. Allow More Light to Enter the Office
Interior design companies in Dubai believe that the more natural light and airy an office space is, the happier the employees. If your current office is shady and dingy, it may be affecting your employees’ productivity. To get more light inside, you can get rid of the black curtains and extend your window spaces. Also, more natural light means lesser use of energy in the form of artificial lights. 
2. Design Creative Spaces
Most offices are designed in such a way that gives ample space to the employees to relax and unwind. Working in a small space with no break for over 8 hours could lead to unproductive work. It is necessary to let the employees breathe, so they can speed up the work and not stress out. The creative spaces allow employees to relax and work in their own style without keeping too many restrictions. 
3. Add Some Fun Elements
A modern office is designed to keep the employees happy, so they feel like spending more time. You can add a few fun elements that bring in positive vibes and good energy into the offices. You can bring indoor plants, interesting art piece, pets or even some recreational games to keep the employees happy and satisfied. 
4. Use Good Quality Furniture
Office space is defined by its furniture. Mediocre quality furniture tends to wear out quickly. Invest in good quality furniture and increase the life of your office space. The better the furniture, the lower is your maintenance cost. If you don’t want to replace it every few months, invest in the most modern furniture, and you don’t have to look at it for a long time. 
5. Add More Colour
If your business has a young and cool personality, add some colours to your office space. Colours are known to create a calm and relaxed environment. When employees are exposed to these colours, it boosts their creativity and de-stresses them. This may seem like a very minimal aspect when it comes to designing, but a lot of designers give importance to colours. 

6. Organization is key 
If you don’t have a big space, stick to the smaller space but make the most of it. It is not necessary to execute all the above-mentioned areas and ideas. But organizing your office space is more important. You should consider creating a storage space if you have too many unwanted things out in the open.