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Why Consider Lighting A Priority for Your Office?

Why Consider Lighting A Priority for Your Office?

Why Consider Lighting A Priority for Your Office?

If you are looking to remodel your office, there are many things that are likely on your mind, such as buying new furniture and working on a new layout that works better for your staff. One of the most underrated features of the office, however, is the lighting, and it’s actually one that plays a big role in how your staff works.

That is why when planning a new office with office fit out companies in Dubai, it is necessary to keep lighting in mind. Here is everything you need to know about adequate lighting in the workplace.

Natural Light

Natural light is the light that you experience that comes from outdoors. Companies often create open floor plans that allow more outside light to come into their office via the windows. Natural lighting is said to improve the quality of life to your staff, and workers who sit near windows are said to get almost an hour more of sleep a night over workers who do not sit near a window. Natural light also is proven to increase employee morale, stress levels, and energy.

While an open floor plan is not always recommended, the use of natural light in your office should always be encouraged. We suggest instead of solid walls to divide sections of your office, use glass walls that can allow more light to come through so staff gets more exposure to this light. If you also install skylights in your office, that’s more ways that light can come inside without opening a door or window.

Artificial Light

Natural light should be prioritized over artificial light when and wherever possible, but there are times in which artificial light will be needed or will work better than natural light in some situations. With artificial light that comes from overhead lights and lamps, you can control how much light you want in the room.

Artificial light can be placed strategically in work areas and hallways to make for an attractive and lively place to work. There are instances where light can get too bright, making it hard for employees to focus. The right amount of light is very important, so you can install dimmer switches to allow you to control how much light is inside your office.

Tips About Lighting in The Office

Almost every office needs to incorporate both types of lighting that requires thorough planning. If you consult with your Dubai fit out company, they can help you design a layout that best allows for outdoor light to enter a room throughout the day. Natural lighting should be your primary source of light, while artificial lighting can illuminate offices at night as well as areas that are dark regardless of time of day.

Task lighting is a smaller type of artificial lighting that lights up a small area at a time, like a lamp. Task lighting is designed to provide light to help an employee do a certain task, such as read at a table.

It is also important to think about color when thinking about lighting in your office. The color of your walls can further reflect light, or will outright absorb it, depending on whether you are using light or dark colors. White or light tan walls can help make a room brighter and will reflect more light in a given room.

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